The Patriots Shooting Team provides an opportunity for active duty and veteran service members representing Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen from across the nation to come together and compete in national marksmanship and shooting competitions. In 2017 we sponsored 4 veteran shooters for a long range target competition in the northwest, the beginning of the AFF Patriots Shooting team. This year, we will expand to regional and national competitions with a 3 to 5 man team of veteran and active duty marksmen, including former Army Ranger snipers. Competitions are held nationwide and feature different terrains, moving targets and obstacle courses. 

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β€œIn addition to being a lot of fun, the shootout was an awesome chance to get together with other veterans, to be able to shoot with them and then later, have a place to talk with guys that have had similar experiences to mine and can relate. It was great to meet other local vets that live in the area, people I had no idea were right down the road and to start to build a support network.”

-Patrick Flanagan, former SSgt, USAF